Classroom Management Foreward

Teaching is a wonderful profession, full of challenges and rewards. It requires leadership, communication, mediation, negotiation, patience, organisation, persistence, dedication and so much more. What if however, like so many others, we are lacking in one or more of these areas. How can we teach people successfully if we cannot be 100% proficient at all of these key aspects? The fact is that no one can be expected to have all of these qualities on display at all times.

This self-help guide to better classroom management has been written with this issue in mind. It aims to make your important teaching role much easier than it already is. Emergency situations aside, there is no reason you should feel stress in your teaching practice. Like many teachers I have seen colleagues burn out, flip out and freak out in various situations in and out of the classroom. It can be easy to fall behind, to relax rules and to confuse confidence in the classroom with ‘just winging it’. I wanted to help these people but I could only do so much face to face. So I got to work.

I have spent years conducting research into better teaching practice. The Teacher’s Bible is a product of my own personal experience as a teacher, over 50 interviews with experts in education and hours of research online and in classrooms. A number of truly great world leaders in education have contributed to this resource. They are noted throughout this text and in my resource list. I strongly encourage you to follow the links to their writings and gain an even greater insight into any aspect of teaching that could help better your skills. This resource includes the original writings of a number of professional educators and that of my own.

With key sections such as assessment, leadership, classroom management, discipline, behaviour management, planning and reviewing practice this essential guide is just what you need to get on top of your class and really start enjoying your job.

This guide is the first volume in the Educator education series and is intended to be used as an overall guide to get your role as a teacher on track.

Volume 2, Teacher’s learning: the e-learning train, get on board before you get left behind is due for release shortly. Through Educator I also offer a number of other help guides in the areas of parenting and life development. As you are now an owner of Classroom Management you are entitled to a discount on future purchases. If you see anything elsethat you believe may be of assistance to your life please feel free to take advantage of this offer.